Register for a Library Card

Library cards are issued to Niobrara County residents with proof of current, local address and photo ID. Library cards held in other Wyoming counties need to be in good-standing, without outstanding fines, fees or lost materials in order to be overlaid to you local address. Library cards are free of charge. Note: If your photo ID does not include proof of permanent address within the county, please bring a separate proof of address. Examples include a utility bill, rent receipt or bank statement in your name.

Parents or Guardians: Children of any age may get a library card with your consent and signature. A parent/guardian must present their photo ID and proof of local address, so please accompany the child to pick up their card. Parents/Guardians are responsible for any fees associated with the minor child’s card and for selection of materials to be checked out.

Complete the application below, then visit the Niobrara County Library (425 S. Main St.) with proof of current, local address and photo ID within 14 days to pick up your permanent card. Cards not completed within 14 days of issuance will be removed.

By submitting this form, you agree to the following: The name, address, and all other information provided on this application are true and correct. I am responsible for all materials checked out on my card. I accept responsibility for any damage, loss or charges to this card and will notify the Library of any change in my address or loss of this card. Review library policies by going to: and specifically the Library Service Policy.

Parents/Guardians: In submitting this application, you approve the issuance of a library card to the child and acknowledge responsibility for its use.

Borrowers must adhere to Library policies and procedures. Individuals are expected to return Library materials on time and in good condition.